Systems, Methods, and Computer-Readable Media for Improved Table Identification Using a Neural Network

Ben ZornMarc Brockschmidt,  Pallavi Choudhury,  Oleksandr PolozovRishabh SinghSaswat Padhi

United States Patent Application Publication (2020)

App. 20200019603A1 assigned to Microsoft Technology Licensing, LLC


Systems, methods, and computer-readable storage devices are disclosed for improved table identification in a spreadsheet. One method including: receiving a spreadsheet including at least one table; identifying, using machine learning, one or more classes of a plurality of classes for each cell of the received spreadsheet, wherein the plurality of classes include corners and not-a-corner; and inducing at least one table in the received spreadsheet based on the one or more identified classes for each cell of the received spreadsheet.

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