Syntactic Profiling of Alphanumeric Strings

Sumit GulwaniPrateek Jain,  Daniel A. Perelman,  Saswat PadhiOleksandr Polozov

United States Patent Application Publication (2021)

Grant 11210327B2 assigned to Microsoft Technology Licensing, LLC


A computing device includes a storage machine holding instructions executable by a logic machine to generate multi-string clusters, each containing alphanumeric strings of a dataset. Further multi-string clusters are generated via iterative performance of a combination operation in which a hierarchically-superior cluster is generated from a set of multi-string clusters. The combination operation includes, for candidate pairs of multi-string clusters, generating syntactic profiles describing an alphanumeric string from each multi-string cluster of the candidate pair. For each of the candidate pairs, a cost factor is determined for at least one of its syntactic profiles. Based on the cost factors determined for the syntactic profiles, one of the candidate pairs is selected. The multi-string clusters from the selected candidate pair are combined to generate the hierarchically-superior cluster including all of the alphanumeric strings from the selected candidate pair of multi-string clusters.

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