A Static Slicing Method for Functional Programs and Its Incremental Version

Prasanna Kumar K.,  Amitabha Sanyal,  Amey KarkareSaswat Padhi

Proceedings of the 28 th International Conference on Compiler Construction, 2019
⟨ CC 2019 ⟩


An effective static slicing technique for functional programs must have two features. Its handling of function calls must be context sensitive without being inefficient, and, because of the widespread use of algebraic datatypes, it must take into account structure transmitted dependences. It has been shown that any analysis that combines these two characteristics is undecidable, and existing slicing methods drop one or the other. We propose a slicing method that only weakens (and not entirely drop) the requirement of contextsensitivity and that too for some and not all programs.

We then consider applications that require the same program to be sliced with respect to several slicing criteria. We propose an incremental version of our slicing method to handle such situations efficiently. The incremental version consists of a one time precomputation step that uses the non-incremental version to slice the program with respect to a fixed default slicing criterion and processes the results to a canonical form. Presented with a slicing criterion, a low-cost incremental step uses the results of the precomputation to obtain the slice.

Our experiments with a prototype incremental slicer confirms the expected benefits — the cost of incremental slicing, even when amortized over only a few slicing criteria, is much lower than the cost of non-incremental slicing.

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